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VoiceGate's affordable Intelligent Line Tap Hiz Telephone Recording Devices provide enterprises the ability to record phone calls between customers and employees. These recorded conversations can serve to limit corporate liability by quickly resolving disputes before they get out of hand by e-mailing a copy of the recorded conversation to quickly settle the issues at hand. If used as a training/coaching tool for reviewing Agent/Employee recorded phone calls and desktop activity, Corporations can significantly increase customer satisfaction and reduce Agent/Employee churn rates.




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VoiceGate has a telephone recorder / call logging solution for all telephone recording applications and on all phone systems. From stand alone affordable, entry level telephone recording solutions, to networked business phone tapping installations growing to hundreds of agents or employees, and sporting advanced features such as: Desktop screen surveillance; real time phone tap and transaction recording; networked record phone call streaming; internet connectivity; auto archival of record telephone conversations, telephone data and Agent or Employee's comments to DVDR or CDR; and remote Call Center Manager, allowing call center administrators to service observe any Call Center agent from any touch tone phone anywhere on earth.


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