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Telephone RecordingRecord conversationsTelephone Recording
Put the evidence at your finger tips! Record at your finger tips
(Easy to Use)
(Desktop Retrieval
and Review of Conversations)

At last...
Affordable Linetap Solutions

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Recorder or not to record?
Voice Recorder, Telephone recording, Call Logging
(Screen Capture for
Call Center Coaching)

Ideal for mission critical liability recording for public
safety, financial services, and customer contact and training centers.

Works with most business telephone systems.

Improves customer satisfication, corporate security
and your bottom line.
Easy to install and simple to use.

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Phone: 905-508-0355or 1-800-668-2387
VoiceGate's Intelligent Linetap Solutions improves communications, limits corporate liability,
while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction and retention levels.

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